Host Your Next Fundraiser with SpeedClean Car Wash!

Fundraising with SpeedClean is safe, easy & convenient.

Great for schools, churches, teams, trips, cheerleaders or any non-profit organization.

Washing cars in a parking lot is dangerous and environmentally unfriendly since the soapy runoff water drains into the sanitary sewer system.

SpeedClean will provide your group with pre-paid coupons for our $15.00 Best Wash. You pay $7.00 for each coupon and sell them for the full retail price of $15.00. You make $8.00 per sale.

At the end of the 6 week sales campaign, return any unsold coupons to SpeedClean for a refund of $7.00 each.

Sell Your Profit
100 $800
300 $2400
500 $4000
1000 $8000


  • Coupons may not be sold on SpeedClean’s Property.
  • Coupons may not be sold at a discount from the $15.00 retail price.

For more information, complete the following. We will contact you soon.

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